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American curls are distinguished by unique ears that curl back in a graceful ar? , giving an alert, happy appearance to the cat. People always break out into a smile when  meet their first curl. Distinguished  ears give stylish elegance and alluring beauty to one of the newest breeds. American curl exists as a result of mutation and is tracable to a single foundation cat "Sulamith". Selective breeding and presentation of the curls began in 1983. American Curls are available in both longhair and shorthair varieties, and can be any colour and coat pattern, including  blued-eyed colour-points. My first curl captured my heart in September 2003. I met him in Moscow on Cat show. He was dreaming in the cage. When I took him in the arms, he was not frightened, moreover,

he began purring and butting with his ears. I understood that he is my cat!   Russicurl's Macho of Daniel-Rus is a cream-silver spotted curl-male. Born on the 8th of March, he is a real Macho. Tender and lovable, he made friends with  the rest of my cats very quickly.

Macho is the WCF World Champion:

Best of Best-3

Best in show-5

Best opposite sex-3

Best Junior-3

WCF-ring   Best  Junior-2

WCF-ring  adult-3 place


         Macho at the age of 6 months

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